We use the finest natural ingredients in our mild, organic, hypo-allergenic, tearless shampoo. It cleanses thoroughly and safely, pampering even the most sensitive skin. It will leave your pet’s coat soft, plush, and smelling naturally fresh. Our cat grooming services are ideal to keep them clean and healthy.

The Cat Grooming Package Includes:
Nail Trimming and/or Filing
Ear Cleaning
Sanitary Cleaning
Special Wash
Full Dry
Pet Perfume
Bandana or Similar Accessory

Full Groom
Full grooming includes a shave down or lion cut, bath, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.
8-15lb (70 min.) – $85.00 up
16-40lbs (80 min.) –$115.00 up

Basic Groom
Basic grooming includes a bath, nail trimming, sanitize trim, and ear cleaning.
8-15lbs (60 min.) – $75
16-40lbs (75 min.) – $95