Mobile pet grooming offers a stress-free environment for you and your pet. Imagine not wrestling your pet into a bag, or into a cab. Imagine being able to have a happy, friendly, groomer greet you parked in front your home or office or even at your happy hour spot. Your pet will no longer have to be groomed in an environment with the potential of exposure to illness, fleas, and the stress of other barking dogs. Never again will your pet have to wait hours on end in a cage, listening to the unfamiliar cries of other animals waiting for their turn to be groomed. You and your dog will always have the same groomer available to talk to and go over your pet’s service. We ensure that you always have personalized one-on-one service. We maintain a clean, sanitary, professional environment. Our unique spa services and our state-of-the-art grooming van ensure that you and your best friend have a professional, courteous, positive, stress free, and relaxing pet grooming experience.

You can expect nothing less than a 5-Star experience from MoPetCo. We offer nothing less than thorough and complete services. We begin our appointment with an arrival window based on your scheduled appointment. This ensures that we are never rushing from appointment to appointment and that every pet can receive the attention they deserve. Upon arrival for your first appointment, we guide you through a thorough consultation, going over your pet from nose to tail. We review your grooming expectations and go over any additional requests or concerns you may have. After you are satisfied with our consultation, we work our magic, returning your best friend fresh, clean, and feeling great!

Absolutely! We are very proud of our state-of-the-art mobile grooming van and are happy to give you a tour when you arrive for your appointment. While no human clients are allowed on the van, our whole setup is completely viewable from outside the van. We only ask for privacy while we are grooming your pet.
Sometimes, pets can become distressed during the grooming process when they see their mommies and daddies which can make it difficult to safely complete their grooming treatments.

An early start on a grooming regimen helps the groomer and your fur-friend start off on the right paw. Grooming is something your pet will need monthly for the rest of their lives so sooner the better! We recommend starting after appropriate shots have been administered and your puppy is weaned, and healthy – typically around 8 weeks of age.

Absolutely! Despite cats being self-grooming creatures, even the perfect cat can drop the ball from time to time. We provide full-service bathing, grooming, nail trimming, and ear cleaning in a peaceful, quiet, clean and canine-free environment. We understand that not all cats are the perfect candidates for mobile grooming.
Our team will ask you detailed questions about your felines grooming history and grooming needs to assess if we are the right providers for your friend. 

Prescribed shampoo are meant to address an issue with the skin, and don’t pair well with a professional grooming session where we are addressing both skin and coat to provide a perfect finish.
Many prescription shampoos leave the coat limp, and oily – a less than optimal finish on any breed. Additionally, they typically do not address odors that may be lingering in the coat, hygienic areas and feet.
If your pet has sensitive skin and is undergoing medicated baths at home, we can keep it simple and provide a hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioning along with no fur-fumes. The result is a professional finish, without irritating their skin, while your fur friend undergoes their veterinarian regimen.

Contact you veterinarian to see if it is appropriate to do the grooming service with the prescribed shampoo. 

We offer this service, but it is optional. 

-For decades anal gland expression has been an expected service to be provided with your grooming session. When provided in a grooming facility the procedure is done externally. When done by a veterinarian or veterinary technician they do this procedure internally (as they are certified to do so).
Over the years many studies have come forward supporting that expressing the anal glands externally can cause trauma, and not fully drain the glands, in some pets.
The vetenarian can safely provide this procedure, assess any potential issues, and get the glands 100% emptied.

Notice of cancellation is required 24-hours prior to the appointment. Failure to provide this notice may result in future booking rejection. Our system sends a reminder notification one days prior to your appointment.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, cash App, Venmo, and ZELLE.

call or MSM us! even for a same day appointment. We may be able to accommodate your furry friend. There may be a premium fee for same day appointment.

Mobile grooming is a one-to-one by appointment service. On average, our grooming sessions take 60-90 minutes.

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