Human Foods that Are Actually good for Dogs

We will talk about 12 human foods that dogs can enjoy. From peanut butter to bread and yogurt, stay tuned to find out more. Peanut butter: The good news is that regular peanut butter with no added sugar and salt is safe for dogs to have as a treat. It only becomes dangerous when the

How to Treat and Prevent Puppy Separation

When you bring a new puppy home, they quickly form a bond with you that’s virtually unbreakable. But when you have to leave them, even for a short time, they may bark, whine, or even chew excessively. These could all be signs of puppy separation anxiety. But there are some puppy training tips you can

Human Foods Your Cat Can Eat

Summary: 1. Salmon Salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and is one of the best brain boosting foods for humans. But, what about cats? Well, it’s a nutritious and delicious food that your feline will love! Giving them a piece of salmon would make for the perfect treat. There are some

How Often do Dogs Need Baths?

There are many myths about bathing dogs, some more believable than others. It is said that during a wash they lose the natural oils of their skin and this damages the pH, for example. This is not entirely true, as it can only affect their health if you wash them excessively or if you do

Can You Use Dog Shampoo on a Cat?

There are often many doubts over how to bathe your cat. The first one is over whether it should be done at all. Caregivers know that many cats don’t like water (although this is by no means an exclusive group), but they also know that cats need to be clean. Cats generally don’t need to be

Tips to Motivate my Dog to Play

Games and social interaction are essential for the welfare and happiness of dogs; motivating your dog to play should be one of your top daily priorities. Playing with your dog is good for their health, and it is also a great way to improve your relationship. In this AnimalWised article we will offer you a

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