When you bring a new puppy home, they quickly form a bond with you that’s virtually unbreakable. But when you have to leave them, even for a short time, they may bark, whine, or even chew excessively. These could all be signs of puppy separation anxiety. But there are some puppy training tips you can follow to help keep them safe and calm. Start by getting a crate big enough so your pup can stand up, turn around and lie down with ease. Then, make it a welcome space with plenty of durable toys and chewable treats. Give them lots of love and exercise before easing them into being alone, leaving the room for a few minutes at a time. Finally, work up to longer stays that’ll eventually get you to start venturing out. Try that new restaurant. Go for a run. Do some yard work. But don’t leave them alone any longer than they’re capable of “holding it.” An hour for each month of age usually does it. Up to four hours max. Follow these dog training tips, and you’ll be able to conquer their separation anxiety in no time. Check out this video to learn how to prevent and treat puppy separation anxiety. And remember to shop at Chewy for all the products you’ll need to enhance their separation anxiety training, including crates, pens, gates and so much more: https://www.chewy.com/b/crates-pens-g… Learn more: https://be.chewy.com/how-to-treat-and…

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